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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 09:15

It 8767 s important to do this alone and with no interruptions. If you 8767 re a nihilist, then feel free to start with the answer, 8775 I don 8767 t have a purpose, 8776 or 8775 Life is meaningless, 8776 and take it from there. If you keep at it, you 8767 ll still eventually converge.

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Both are correct and can be used but in a different sense. " to the purpose of " is similar to the meaning of " to the advantage of " or "in the interests of".It is used in the meaning of benefitting someone or something. On the other hand, "for the purpose of " is in the meaning of "for" or for the sake of ".Here purpose is used in the meaning of sentence positive attitude towards life works to the purpose of this the purpose of phenomenal success in his career,Sourav is working day and night.

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Here was my final answer: to live consciously and courageously, to resonate with love and compassion, to awaken the great spirits within others, and to leave this world in peace.


So how to discover your purpose in life? While there are many ways to do this, some of them fairly involved, here is one of the simplest that anyone can do. The more open you are to this process, and the more you expect it to work, the faster it will work for you. But not being open to it or having doubts about it or thinking it 8767 s an entirely idiotic and meaningless waste of time won 8767 t prevent it from working as long as you stick with it again, it will just take longer to converge.

If you want to discover your true purpose in life, you must first empty your mind of all the false purposes you 8767 ve been taught (including the idea that you may have no purpose at all).

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As you go through this process, some of your answers will be very similar. You may even re-list previous answers. Then you might head off on a new tangent and generate 65-75 more answers along some other theme. And that 8767 s fine. You can list whatever answer pops into your head as long as you just keep writing.

That 8767 s it. It doesn 8767 t matter if you 8767 re a counselor or an engineer or a bodybuilder. To some people this exercise will make perfect sense. To others it will seem utterly stupid. Usually it takes 65-75 minutes to clear your head of all the clutter and the social conditioning about what you think your purpose in life is. The false answers will come from your mind and your memories. But when the true answer finally arrives, it will feel like it 8767 s coming to you from a different source entirely.

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From Middle English purpos , from Old French purposer ( “ to propose ” ) , from Latin prō ( “ forth ” ) + pausāre , present active infinitive of pausō ( “ halt, cease, pause ” ).

When I did this exercise, it took me about 75 minutes, and I reached my final answer at step 656. Partial pieces of the answer (mini-surges) appeared at steps 67, 89, and 58, and then the bulk of it fell into place and was refined through steps 655-656. I felt the feeling of resistance (wanting to get up and do something else, expecting the process to fail, feeling very impatient and even irritated) around steps 55-65. At step 85 I took a 7-minute break to close my eyes, relax, clear my mind, and to focus on the intention for the answer to come to me this was helpful as the answers I received after this break began to have greater clarity.

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You may also discover a few answers that seem to give you a mini-surge of emotion, but they don 8767 t quite make you cry they 8767 re just a bit off. Highlight those answers as you go along, so you can come back to them to generate new permutations. Each reflects a piece of your purpose, but individually they aren 8767 t complete. When you start getting these kinds of answers, it just means you 8767 re getting warm. Keep going.

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