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pg 76, Rev Samuel Swayze, a congregationalist preacher, had settled on the Homochitto River in 6778 and organized the Kingston Church, the first Protestant Church of the district. His activity was restricted after the Spanish arrival in 6779, John Bolls, an elder in Swayze 8767 s congregation, was imprisioned, released and threatened with banishment to the silver mines of Mexico for conducting public services.


I mean, I agree the immediate jump to accusations of misogyny on Gelman 8767 s part is a bit strange (although many comments in other communities /do/ contain misogynistic attitudes toward Cuddy, I don 8767 t see Gelman espousing anything misogynistic no critiques played on gendertypes, and he critiques work regardless of genders), but surely you see some irony in then saying 8775 It seems to be a general tendency among women that open criticism is not acceptable. 8776
Do you really think that 8767 s a fair statement to make? Do you not think your second sentence is itself misogynistic?

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People might assume that those who crossed the line from black to white had to cover their tracks pretty thoroughly, which would certainly complicate any research into their backgrounds. But does that assumption hold?

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This doesn 8767 t mean anyone who points out these shortcomings has to be nasty about it, or to make things personal. But open criticism has one big thing going for it: people pay attention. The prospects for effective behind-the-scenes criticism don 8767 t look great, at least if their historical effectiveness is anything to go by. The incentive to oversell statistical results should be countered by a disincentive, and as far as I can see the most effective disincentive for doing things poorly is that other people may point out that you 8767 ve done things poorly.

AG: perhaps you have forgotten the extent to which a junior faculty 8767 s ability to continue in academia requires broad approval from senior researchers. Getting denied a promotion at one school is one thing broadly (and unfairly) being seen as the poster child of the replicability crisis and being the subject of mass ridicule is another.

Given your evident disagreement with me, you might not be satisfied with my above response but I appreciate that you went to the effort to comment here. At the very least, I hope such discussions can help us communicate better to each other, even if there are frustrations along the way.

I also think the piece can easily be mistaken to portray a certain story which i think does not fit the facts and/or downplays Cuddy 8767 s responsibility for the events that have happened. For instance, why would it be a problem for her to find a collaborator, and more importantly why would she even need collaborators to perform a replication? And did 8775 the rules 8776 really change, and if they did i reason 8775 the rules 8776 were about how to do science and excluded presenting your work, which you apparently did not replicate, to the general public via a TED-talk.

•           Just before he was apprehended, he was about to spearhead a slave revolt in New Orleans in an attempt to take over the city and install himself as a sort of potentate of Louisiana.

A modern example of a Redbone class of people are the Irish travelers as seen in the movies. Yes, these people do exist and they live in the United Kingdom and have existed in Ireland since the Middle ages.

While divisions between mulattoes and Europeans persisted, BFS members went through great pains to endear themselves to their oppressors. In efforts to stay within the good graces of the European Americans, the Society made it clear in their bylaws that they were not a political group intent on addressing any of the overarching problems faced by people of African descent. The bylaws stated, in part, that:

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