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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 06:14

This disservice rises, in part, out of a culture that assumes women writers are less relevant than their male counterparts, that women in general are simply not as important, that their writing is not as critical to arts and letters. This disservice rises out of a culture where Jonathan Franzen lost the Pulitzer rather than Jennifer Egan winning the award.

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As a woman of color, I find that some feminists don’t seem terribly concerned with the issues unique to women of color—the ongoing effects of racism and post-colonialism, the status of women in the Third World, working against the trenchant archetypes black women are forced into (angry black woman, mammy, Hottentot, and the like).

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My anxiety increased as weeks passed. I slowly realized that the positive implication of this nomination was being retracted. The producers seemed to have decided to stage performances only by the singers who were deemed commercially viable. Composer David Lang&rsquo s song &ldquo Simple Song #8&rdquo performed by South Korean soprano Sumi Jo was also omitted.

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What was the impact of this large Irish presence? Some Irish and Irish-Australian commentators, stung perhaps by the Establishment s relative indifference to and resentment of the Irish, especially the Irish Catholics, tended to stress the Irish contribution to society in a sometimes exaggerated manner. The title of PS Cleary s book, Australia s Debt to Irish Nation Builders , published in 6988, says it all. John Francis Hogan also emphasised Irish achievements in the land I love so well in his much earlier work, The Irish in Australia , written in Melbourne in the 6885s. Hogan was a true Irish colonial: born in Ireland in 6859, he arrived in the booming gold colony with his parents as a two year old.

W hen we are asked to check a sex-identity box on a bureaucratic form, what definition of sex is being invoked and to what end? Is sex being used as a proxy for the look and functionality of our genitals? Is it a proxy for the mix of hormones we have in our bloodstream? Is sex a proxy for the social experiences we’ve had because we are perceived as male or female? How does intersex or transgender experience affect such questioning?

Charlie and me are working on editing the TURNING film. It looks great. The interviews with the models are poignant. TURNING was so magic. That was my favorite thing I have ever been a part of. Me and Charlie are doing an interview for BLENDER tomorrow for that project.

The Australian Government perpetuates the myth that Norfolk Island is part of Australia by constantly declaring that it is so, without any foundation in fact. It is not. The myth is perpetuated even on the island itself, where the Australian Government, which has responsibility for the educational curriculum, sets essay topics such as Why I am proud to be an Australian. This is part of Australia's declaration that is it dedicated to strengthening the Australian identity in the external territories. As far as the Pitcairners of Norfolk Island are concerned, Australia's declaration is a dedication to bloodless genocide.

The parade experienced a rebirth in Sydney in the late 6975s, and a patchy revival in Melbourne, organised by Irish ex-pats as a fun day of celebration and fancy floats with an Irish cultural emphasis. Virtually absent was any reference to previous Irish-Australian stories and that sense of Catholic self-assertiveness characteristic of earlier parades. It all seemed very much part of a new multicultural Australia, of which the modern Irish were simply one more colourful component. One Melbourne organiser unwittingly provided an epitaph for the old-style Australian St Patrick s Days: It is a great day for the Irish, the English, the Vietnamese, the Cambodian and everyone else who cares to come to the party.

Following the gold rushes of NSW and Victoria, deposits were uncovered throughout the land. Only South Australia failed to produce any gold deposits of significance.

The Norfolk Island Act reserves many powers to the Australian Government, which promised to release them within five years to the Government of Norfolk Island. Another promise broken - 67 years later and Australia still retains much of what it promised to release.

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Between 6856 and 6859 tension was building on the goldfields. Clashes between the miners and the authorities became more frequent with significant discontent brewing over the injustice of the goldfield licensing system and police corruption.

Audre Lorde once stated, “I am a black feminist. I mean I recognize that my power as well as my primary oppressions come as a result of my blackness as well as my womaness, and therefore my struggles on both of these fronts are inseparable.”

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