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Constantine christianity essay

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:10

B. Mormonism spread where Christianity had gone before. They did not present a radically new doctrine that cut against the grain of the popular belief. Mormonism presents a moral message much like other religions, with a few unique but fair-sounding claims. It is thus easy to convert from, say, Roman Catholicism to Mormonism. On the other hand, Christianity brought a radical new doctrine of Jesus Christ and Him crucified to a society that was not only not Christian, but opposed to the ideas of Christianity.

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Constantine convened the Council of Nicea in the year 875 . as much for political reasons for unity in the empire as religious ones. The primary issue at that time came to be known as the Arian controversy.

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It was not until the co-reigns of Gratian and Theodosius that Arianism lost control among the ruling class and elite of the Eastern Empire. Theodosius' wife St Flacilla was also instrumental in his campaign to stop Arianism. Valens died in the Battle of Adrianople in 878 . and was succeeded by Theodosius I who followed the Nicene creed.

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They found this symbolism very effective and used this to disguise their true religion. These three interlocking circles formed an equilateral triangle which is a triangle with three equal sides. With an equilateral triangle all sides are equal and must add up to 685 degrees. Each side was representing a phase of the sun with each angle of the triangle being 65 degrees. It does not take a genius to see that the next step, 65 + 65 + 65 represented 666. See image right.

This enabled Emperor Constantine to merge the cult of Mithra with that of Christianity that was developing much. He declared himself a Christian but at the same time maintained his ties to the Mithra cult. He retained the title "Pontifus Maximus" the high priest. On his coins were inscribed: "Sol Invicto comiti" which means, commited to the invincible sun. This new blend of the two faiths, he officially proclaimed as Christianity. Christianity spread all over the Roman Empire and Eastern Europe by massive persecution and brought an end to a variety of religions that flourished there. 8776

The very history of Christianity and Judaism in the empire demonstrates that there were limits to how accommodating Roman religion could be, and these were not the only cults to be singled out for persecution.

Heh, I 8767 ve always argued that the only reason Christianity prospered is because it appealed to the rich in a time when cults amongst the privileged elite were exploding. That is, it shouldn 8767 t come as a surprise that Christianity, a religion that shared many of the ideals of the various cults that were sprouting up at this time, managed to remain because, at those times, whatever the elite picked up tended to have a lasting influence on culture. It is also clear that Christianity was very unpopular with the poor Romans. This is just a great article that simplifies the argument.

Lol, I was going to mention that but forgot. I was going to say something like, 8775 And this isn 8767 t some crazed atheist trying to debunk Christianity. Stark actually IS a Christian. 8776

Chadwick does say that Constantine's deathbed baptism itself “ implies no doubt about his Christian belief, ” it being common for rulers to put off baptism to avoid accountability for things like torture and executing criminals (p. 677). But this justification doesn't really help the case for the emperor's conversion being genuine.

So should we base our view of God on a doctrine that is not spelled out in the Bible, that was not formalized until three centuries after the time of Jesus Christ and the apostles, that was debated and argued for decades ( not to mention for centuries since ), that was imposed by religious councils presided over by novices or nonbelievers and that was “ decided by the method of trial and error ” and a lot of bloodshed? I pray that the answer is obvious to all.

“ 'His [Arius'] book, 'Thalia,' was burnt on the spot and this example was so generally followed, that it became a very rare work.' — Stanley 'History of the Eastern Church,' Lecture iv, par. 89. The decree banishing Arius was shortly so modified as simply to prohibit his returning to Alexandria. ” — ( The Two Republics , . Jones, p. 856)

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