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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 17:39

The theoretical framework is how you conceptualize the nature of your research problem, its basis and the analysis you will choose to investigate that problem. This framework determines how you perceive, make sense of, and interpret your data. Explanation of the theoretical framework helps the reader understand your perspective and context.

Research Process The Literature Review and Theorectical

This Podcast and notes define the difference between theoretical frameworks and conceptual models, defines conceptual and operational definitions, introduces the nursing metaparadigm concepts, and introduces how theoretical frameworks and conceptual models guide research, practice, and education. Examples of these concepts are included. Scroll down to access the Podcast Player!

Sustainable Development Conceptual Framework in Tourism

There is a link between theoretical framework and quantitative research design. The choice of research design is based on the goals of the study and a solid review of the literature. Quantitative research design utilizes deductive reasoning, which begins with identifying the theoretical framework that will provide structure and guide the research project. The theoretical framework is presented in the early sections of a quantitative research proposal to establish the grounds for the study.

Understanding supply chain management: critical research

6. What are the most familiar in-service training activities among teachers? And what are their insights about these activities as to: (a) applicability in the classroom, (b) importance in the teaching profession, and (c) impact on student performance?

This article shows how a conceptual framework, along with the corresponding statement of the problem, is organized and written in a dissertation. Take a look at the example on how it is done and try to make one for your paper. You may also use this in your thesis.

You may be thinking about too many theories to base your study on. However, a conceptual framework in built on a theory that serves as the basis for your study. Once you have decided which theory to adopt, try to figure it out if the phenomenon, with all the associated variables in your study, can be best explained by that theory. The example below illustrates how this works.

6. Are the teachers’ levels of teaching efficacy, job satisfaction, and attitude towards the teaching profession predictors of their student performance in the Subject Achievement Tests?

The theoretical framework is presented in the early section of a dissertation and provides the rationale for conducting your research to investigate a particular research problem.

Compare your research project with similar research projects. If you see your paper as an extension of these other projects, you might adopt their theoretical framework. If you see your paper as challenging or contradicting these other projects, you might adopt an alternative theoretical framework. For example, if many research papers adopt sociological theory as a framework for investigating immigration’s effect on human society, you might explore the topic of immigration through an anthropological framework to investigate immigration’s effect on individual humans.

This is just a brief introduction to the use of theoretical frameworks in nursing research, practice, and education. I 8767 ll provide more details about specific frameworks in future posts.

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