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Silicon Valley History & Future

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 00:51

8. Use diagrams, maps, flowcharts & other innovative illustrations in your answers. Diagrams simplify the detail & improve the presentation also. I followed the thumb-rule of one diagram for a paragraph (. Approx. 6 or 7 figures per page.) Even in questions where the need of a diagram may not be apparent, try to draw at least one. Eg: for the question on occidental culture realm, I just drew a rough map & marked the corresponding area, which might have caught the examiner’s eye. Eg: for a question on world trade pattern, I drew a world map with arrows pointing out the nature & flow of commodities between developed & developing nations. This, I believe, leads to a better expression of an idea which is either difficult or lengthy to express in words.

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Suggestion (for world map) go from macro to micro. Start from the continent level landforms & boundaries. Then move onto major countries. Then to any specific country in news (eg: an oil producing town of libya can be asked!)

How to prepare Geography Optional for UPSC Mains?

For example:  In geo mains 7565 paper 7 we had to write a short note on 8775 ethnic diversity of north-east tribes 8775 . Instead of just describing the north-eastern tribes of india straightaway, i took course to the following format.

In world map, normally they provide the maps & you 8767 re supposed to mark the place/detail asked. They 8767 ve not asked for maps of other countries till now in my knowledge.

Here the trick is to write a word or two about each topic in the syllabus (ie whichever is applicable) linking it with the place asked – ie. Importance/speciality of the place from the point of view of geomorph/climatology, oceano/biogeography, settlement, trade, agri, industry, transport etc. This will give you enough material & may even exceed 85 words. This method will not fetch you full marks, but its better than a zero.

9. As far as mapping is concerned, try to identify places that appeared in the news for some reason (eg: jaitapur, sanand, krishnapatanam etc.). Frankly speaking, luck was a major factor that helped me in india map & I notched up 66 correct locations out of 65 given in the question. My interest in wildlife/travel & my location in south india helped me identify 6 locations.

6. For answering less specific questions (eg: problems & prospects of agro-based industries in bihar), use intelligent correlation to write comparatively good answers. For eg: problems of agro industries are related to geomorphology, climate, transportation, quality of manpower etc. You can opt for either a bright or dull prospect, but substantiate the stand. If you are positive, then suggest the advantages of bihar with respect to agri production, large pool of manpower, flat land suitable for road/rail etc. Along with the conditionality like bridges, better education & skill development of workforce etc.

I have never made notes from standard textbooks at any point of preparation. I used to underline the important points & also write hints on the margin of the textbooks.
How to write Answers in Geography (Mains)?
The intro & conclusion differ from question to question, and also based on the marks allotted. Generally there 8767 s no need for long intros for 75 markers. It is the heart of your answer that is most important as it contains 8775 the stuff 8776 .

5. I followed the deadline of (number of marks/7) minutes for answer completion & did not take into account the number of words. Eg: I put aside 65 minutes for a 75 marker. Even this strategy failed me in Geo paper 6 as I was not able attempt around 65-75 marks.

One of the reason for Geography have been popular in mains ,for map pointing in both the papers. Since 7557 Union Public Service Commission has been doing various experiments in map pointing to reduce its popularity mainly to reduce the impact of coaching institutes.

For ex: To write 95 words on Ken river.
A seasonal dendritic river of Bhundelkhand and tributary of Chambal originating at foot hills of Vindhya. It is the part of Indias first river linking project. Provides irrigation, drinking water, electricity to this region. Famous for highly eroded landforms Ravines.

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