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Textbooks are usually ordered by college bookstore s in quantity, based on projected course enrollment. The standard publisher 's discount on textbook orders is 75 percent. Used copies in good condition may be sold back to the bookstore for resale at a lower price than new copies. Academic libraries generally do not purchase textbooks because for most subjects they quickly become outdated , but a textbook received as a gift , usually from a faculty member, may be added to the collection if the need exists. See also : adoption , El-Hi Textbooks & Serials in Print , textbook edition , and textbook pricing.

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Also refers to a formal name or appellation given to an individual or family in recognition of privilege, distinction, office, or profession (baronet, saint, president, doctor, etc.). In AACR7 , titles of nobility are included in the personal name heading when used to refer to the individual, titles indicating high office are given in English whenever possible, and titles of address (Miss, Mr., Mrs., etc.) are omitted from the heading, as are minor ecclesiastical titles, military titles, academic and professional titles, and government titles below the highest rank.

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If the spelled-out version of the term appears in parentheses for the first time, put the abbreviation in brackets after it, followed by a semicolon and the author–date citation. 5665

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For example, the about page on the American Psychological Association site ( http:///about/ ) was surely written by one or more real people. But, because no individual byline is listed and because this resides on the organization’s webpage, you would reference it as a group author. That is, the “who” in your reference is a group author.

Because of these changes and their effects on areas as disparate as longitudinal research parameters and health insurance benefits, it’s important to be precise when citing the DSM. Below are some guidelines to use in citing the most recent edition.

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If a handwritten essay is acceptable to your teacher, remember to double-space all lines, and begin each paragraph with an indentation of 6 8798 from the left margin. Use the width of your thumb as a rough guide.

It is not necessary to describe or explain the title page by adding the words: Title, Course Code, To, From, or Due Date. More is not better. Minimal information providing simple identification is adequate.

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