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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 17:39

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Every learner knows, the high-quality dissertation can elevate your chances of getting an academic degree and future favored job. On the other hand, failed paper wastes your precious time and effort. Therefore, to be sure that your project is on the right track, check whether it has following features:

International University of Japan | Thesis Writing Guideline

Have you been given the challenging task of writing an APA format paper? This can feel overwhelming if this is the first time you have ever written a paper in this format because you have most likely spent your entire childhood creating papers in MLA format. They are very different in many respects. However no matter what type of paper you are writing it is always imperative that you start with the thesis statement. In this case you are writing a thesis statement for your APA format paper. There are some very specific guidelines that are associated with writing a thesis statement. Some of the most important elements of a thesis statement include:

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The text of the thesis is usually divided into chapters and provided with introductory and concluding sections, which may or may not be designated as chapters. You will probably also need subheadings within the chapters to indicate the orderly progression of topics and their relation to each other. In any case, you should decide on an appropriate system of headings and apply it consistently throughout the thesis, including front and back matter.

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In listing appendices, indicate the title of each appendix, and include the same levels of headings (if applicable) as for the text. If you use separate title pages (display pages) for appendices, the number of the title page is the one that appears in the table of contents.

You may use the entire typing area for the table or figures and place the caption on a separate page preceding it. Type the caption so that it reads in the same direction as the table or figure (landscape or portrait). If you use a facing page for the caption, reverse the location of the page number and reverse the left and right margins (see previous section on Facing Pages).

Landscape Pages. You may place the table or figure sideways (landscape) on the page. If you do so, rotate it 95 degrees counterclockwise from its normal position. Place the table or figure caption sideways also so that all parts can be conveniently read together. You must, however, place the page number portrait style and in the same location as for other pages.

Below are several sources which may be consulted for style, grammar, etc. You may also wish to use other manuals or journals in your specific field and/or consult the reference section of the MLIC. Online sources are also available.

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The signatory page will be reviewed for format and accuracy when your thesis is submitted for format review. However, in some cases, the signatory page will be signed before the format review can be accomplished. Therefore, the Office of GSIR will review any signatory page on demand. It can be faxed, mailed, or hand-carried and will be checked immediately. This alleviates the need to have signatory pages re-signed due to errors in formatting, spelling, or professorial titles. Please make every effort to have the signatory page approved by the Office of GSIR before obtaining any signatures.

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