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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 20:03

For me Salinger is one of those authors you need to read at the right moment in your life I adored Catcher in the Rye when I first read it as an early teen, when I re-read it in my late 75 8767 s I found Holden Caulfield insufferable. I happened upon Franny and when I was in my early 75 8767 s and was taking time off from college and absolutely adored it I won 8767 t risk re-reading it!


I know I 8767 m late to the party, but I just wanted to pitch in and say I 8767 m so glad The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao is on the official GoodReads list because it 8767 s the BEST. It strikes the perfect balance of literary and readable. I believe Harling put it as her recommendation for a book list a bunch of months ago, which to me just confirmed my suspicion that she is The Total Package.

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I 8767 m an avid reader and I know that feeling you 8767 re talking about living in another world. It 8767 s why I 8767 m such a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. As an adult life gets in the way but, I find that if I finish a book but can 8767 t stop thinking about it, that 8767 s a top choice.

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ohhhhh i gotcha i thought you were talking about the story itself i will say the first chapter was a struggle for me (typically not a good start for a book), I actually needed to take a break and didn 8767 t get back to it for months and eventually just started over, glad I did though, once I was past that I couldn 8767 t put it down ­čÖé

Ah! these is a great thread, I have been trying to get back into the swing of reading and needed some inspo. To contribute The Red Tent Anita Diamant, great read, couldn 8767 t put it down.

I always have about ten books from the library. I say that I read a lot, but I also don 8767 t abide by the rule that I need to finish the book. The following books grabbed me from the first page and/or made me remember why I love reading.

This topic is an irresistible trap for a bookseller! I read a lot for work and pleasure but also find it hard to match the sheer joy of my childhood reading. Most of the time I can 8767 t switch off the critical and analytical part of my brain that needs to pull everything apart and pass judgement, which tends to keep me at an emotional arms-length from the books I read. These six somehow managed to bypass that compulsion:

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I 8767 ve been telling everyone to read it I gave my copy away to a friend the minute I finished because I *had* to pass it on. Nothing has moved me like that book, maybe ever. It 8767 s a memoir where Jeannette recalls her childhood with neglectful parents & extreme poverty, but it 8767 s hard to put into words just how moving it was.

Shirley Jackson
Popular in her lifetime (she died in 6965), Jackson specialised in the sinister side of American small-town, white-picket-fence life and is best known for The Haunting of Hill House. Some argue that without Jackson there could have been no David Lynch.

She 8767 s Come Undone- Wally Lamb. An Oprah selection book from way back when but it is the most beautiful story of becoming one 8767 s true self. Dolores will stick with me forever, I remember her story as if she was a close friend from my years.

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